Timeline: Lewis' Tenure: A Look Back


“Report on the Structure of the College,” co-authored by Lewis, strongly recommends randomization of the Houses.

February 1995

Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles appoints Lewis dean of the College.

July 1995

Lewis takes over as dean of the College.

November 1995

Lewis restructures the Phillip Brooks House Association, appointing Judith Kidd as PBHA director and assistant dean of public service.

December 1995

Seven-hundred-fifty students protest restructuring of PBHA in Harvard Yard.

Students criticize Lewis for his tougher focus on underage drinking, saying it was a disincentive for students to seek help when dangerously intoxicated. Lewis had sent out a letter to parents and students in the beginning of the year warning of the perils of underage drinking.

May 1996

Sinedu Tadesse ’96 kills her roommate Trang Phuong Ho ’96 in their Dunster House suite. Lewis later says that Harvard will use the incident to raise awareness about campus resources for dealing with emotional problems, but does not change the College’s counseling or tutor systems.

Fall 1996

Lewis’ randomization plan begins in Harvard Houses. As a result, first-years no longer list their top choices, but are randomly assigned to Houses.

May 1998