Radical Group To Rival BGLTSA

Founders favor queer ‘resistance’

The QRF’s poster slogan “Queer and Peerless” is a play on the BGLTSA slogan “We Support Our Queer Peers.”

QRF organizers say that the BGLTSA’s slogan is too ambiguous and could be read as allowing for the continuation of heteronormativity—i.e. “we” could be read to mean heterosexual supporters and the slogan could imply that queers need the support of heterosexuals.

But BGLTSA leaders contend that the slogan was simply meant show solidarity in the face of recent conservative attacks on queer students at Harvard College.

The BGLTSA is well-known as accepting all queer people, regardless of whether they are comfortable going public with their sexual orientation.

Rosenberg says QRF intends to be a political advocacy group and not a social group, and that to participate individuals must be comfortable and public with their sexuality.


“There are no silent members,” she says.