Senior Tutor Deserves Praise

Letter to the Editors

To the editors:

As seniors in Eliot House, we would like to voice our concern that, upon reading “The Mental Health Problem,” (News, “College Faces a Mental Health Crisis,” Jan. 12 and “Students Reach for Help in Vain,” Jan. 21) students might waver before seeking help through Eliot Senior Tutor Oona Ceder. In the spirit of dramatic journalism, Parts I and IV imbue an exasperated tone to a message she sent to Eliot House Master Lino Pertile toward the end of spring term last year. Those who know Oona know that she is not exasperated but rather, deeply concerned that all students receive the help they need. She has been in high demand, in part, because students have found her to be incredibly helpful, profoundly compassionate, and doggedly protective of students’ privacy. We are deeply indebted to Oona and hope that Eliot students will not hesitate to seek her assistance in the future.



Jan. 22, 2004