Voting for Nader important, outweighs danger of Bush win

Although the Bush administration has wreaked havoc on numerous levels, and I hope with all my heart that John Kerry is elected (as he is the least-worse candidate, after all), I’ll still be casting my touch-screen Florida vote for the man with the most integrity, intelligence, leadership, and vision—Ralph Nader. And if I knew that my one vote would be the deciding one that enabled President Bush to be elected over Senator Kerry, I’d still vote for Ralph. The movement Mr. Nader is at the forefront of will undoubtedly gain momentum when the time is right—when more people become disenfranchised with the Democratic and Republican Parties’ corporate-led politics and become cognizant of Mr. Nader’s veracious message of reform. If we all must suffer through four more years of hell to get to that point, then so be it. Mr. Nader is not running for office for personal, political, or monetary gain, he’s just the Public Citizen doing what he has always done—fighting wholeheartedly for what he knows is right—which is trying to make government serve the needs as well as reflect the values of its citizenry, as a proper democracy is intended to do. What do Bush and Kerry reflect?

Also, regarding the inaccurate accusation put forth by Noah Hertz-Bunzl (Op-Ed, “Reality Check in the Race for President,” Oct. 18), attacking Mr. Nader’s loyalties, anyone with basic knowledge of Mr. Nader’s intentions and Green Party politics would know that it was the Green Party nomination process that was deficient, not Mr. Nader’s loyalty. The late date which they had for nominating their presidential candidate did not allow Mr. Nader the proper amount of time he needed to begin the process of getting onto each state ballot.

I can never thank Mr. Nader enough for all he has done for this country. No one’s public service record can even come close. I would never desert him and I would never betray him with a wrongly cast vote.


October 19