Game Alcohol Policies Vetted

U-Haul ban, separate section for HoCos and wristbands proposed

Finals clubs, sororities, fraternities and student groups can still set up tailgates in the traditional place on the intramural fields.

HoCo chairs expressed dissatisfaction with the half-mile distance between tailgating areas—and the separation of HoCo tailgates from other College tailgates.

“One of the things that pretty much everyone universally agreed to was that HoCos needed to be with the rest of student groups,” Van Stolk-Riley said. “People are going to be torn between groups they’re affiliated with and their House, and if the House is carding and the group isn’t, the party is going to stay up there.”

Details about where Yale can set up its tailgates are up in the air, according to Mahan. Previously, Yale held tailgates in the parking lot of the Harvard Business School.

And Van Stolk-Riley noted that the proposals come on the heels of increased pressure on Harvard from the Boston police.


“The Boston Police are recognizing now with Havard’s move into Allston, Harvard is becoming a Boston area liability,” Van Stolk-Riley said.

HoCo chairs and Council members will meet with Deans Judith H. Kidd and Paul J. McLoughlin II next week to further discuss the proposed changes.

“We are now looking into an option that would allow for greater overall supervision while still allowing all undergraduates to spend the day in the same locale, which is my top priority at this point,” Mahan said.

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