Bio Students Get By With Minimal Math Requirements

“It wasn’t that math intensive,” Olveczky says. “I wouldn’t consider it so [mathematical], but [the students in the class] certainly did.”


Although Harvard College is in the midst of a curricular review, the review is not currently addressing the specific requirements of individual departments, according to Associate Dean of the College Jeffrey Wolcowitz.

“The curricular review is not looking at this stage at specific concentrations but rather at the framework for concentrations,” Associate Dean of the College Jeffrey Wolcowitz says.

While there is no indication that biology concentration requirements will be changed, the curricular review will look at the importance of interdisciplinary study.


“We’ve identified science education as one of the themes [of the curricular review],” Wolcowitz says. “We’ve identified cross-disciplinary work as one of the themes. How those themes interact may not happen in this phase of the curricular review.”

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