SOFTBALL 2004: And Then There Were Four

Monica Montijo returns to join class of 2004 and complete her unpredictable career

She’s still the energized open player who asks people what they think and smiles when they tell her.

Before the team left for Florida, Montijo had been hitless in her seven at-bats in Illinois. She turned to Cecily Gordon and, as usual, asked her what she thought.

“She was like, ‘you lead with your hips,’” Montijo laughed. “Every since she said that I completely transformed myself. It helped me to center my energy and my focus in my hips. I was just like, ‘Cecile, you’re amazing.’”

Of the sparse seniors, Montijo has taken the most tortuous path, but she’s ended up in the same place as Goldberg, Brotemarkle and Williamson—excited about playing their last season.

“I think this is the best Harvard team I’ve ever played on,” Montijo said.


If this is the case, then maybe Montijo will make another appearance in the NCAA tournament like she did in 2000 on Harvard’s last Ivy Championship team.

Watching this year’s team on the field, it is evident they are having a good time. For Brotemarkle, it’s always been good enough to remain on the team while others withdrew along the way.

“It’s a sense of completing what we started,” she said.

It’s almost complete.

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