Summers Storms Annenberg

Joshua D. Samuelson

Harvard University President Lawrence H. Summers dances and schmoozes with members of the Class of 2008 at his annual study break in Annenberg Hall last night.

Larry Summers is a busy man, but he took a little time to get busy with the freshmen last night at the annual Freshman Study Break in Annenberg Dining Hall.

After working the crowd of about 400 first-years for an hour, Summers busted out his moves on the dance floor, flailing his arms and gyrating his hips to the tune of Beyoncé.

“I came here with the goal of dancing with Larry Summers, and I did it,” Chinwe U. Nwosu ’08 said. “He’s a great dancer.”

“Now I can say that ‘Bootylicious’ is our song,” she added.


Summers’ dance moves first made waves in January 2003 when he be-bopped to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.”

And Summers heated up the dance floor once again this year, particularly with the ladies.


“I love Larry,” said Dara E. Blume ’08. “He’s the man...and very fashionable—I would almost go for sexy.”

But the gentlemen weren’t so lucky.

Silas P. Howland ’08 made an unsuccessful proposition to the former secretary of the treasury.

“President Summers, you’re an economist,” Howland said. “Somebody said they’d give me $60 if I danced with you. Is that a good decision?”

“I don’t think so,” Summers retorted, patting Howland on the back before edging away.

Some first-years, however, were not so fond of Summers’ swing.

Brandon P. Geller ’08 called Summers’ moves “underwhelming.”

“He sort of undulated in place,” he added.

In the spirit of economic assessment, one freshman gave him numerical ratings on his dancing style.

“I’d give him a ‘10’ on effort, but only a ‘1’ on talent,” Melissa A. Collins ’08 said.