Police Log

Dec. 9:

10:22 a.m.—An individual in the Dunster House Dining Hall informed police that he or she was receiving harassing phone calls. A Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officer tracked the suspect down and found an outstanding warrant in his name. Police then arrested Gary Dare, 21, of Mattapan, Mass.

4:42 p.m.—An officer reported to the Biology Research building on 16 Divinity Ave. because two individuals reported that they had been hit by a snowball. Police arrived but neither the two complainants—nor the hit-and-run snowball-thrower—were found.

10:55 p.m.—An officer took note of a past report of an assault at Sever Hall. The two victims alleged that they were verbally attacked, and one reported that he or she was hit with a snowball.

Dec. 10:

8:51 p.m.—An officer responded to the Kennedy School of Government (KSG) because an individual reported that “someone is after [him or her].” The responding officer could not locate either party upon arrival.

9:21 p.m.—Reports that an individual was refusing to leave the KSG sent a police officer to the scene. The responding officer found the lingering individual, checked him for any outstanding warrants with no results, issued him a trespass warning, and led him off campus.

Dec. 11:

2:26 a.m.—Officers were dispatched to the Standish Hall Junior Common Room on 966 Mill St. because of a report about an individual playing the piano too loudly. Upon arrival, the officers ordered the early-morning pianist to stop playing.

Dec. 12:

7:45 a.m.—A HUPD officer assisted the Cambridge Police Department (CPD) in its search for a suspect who had reportedly just finished vandalizing a motor vehicle and then fled. The search was unsuccessful.

3:28 p.m.—Officers investigated the theft of a $1,327 ThinkPad Laptop that had been swiped from Harvard Medical School’s C1 building on Longwood Avenue.

Dec. 13:

2:16 p.m.—Reports of a “suspicious” suitcase led officers to the New Research Building. Upon closer inspection, it was determined that the suitcase was from the airport and did not pose a threat.

7:02 p.m.—An officer observed two dog owners attempting to separate their dueling pooches. The officer oversaw the exchange of contact information between the parties once the conflict ended. Police logs failed to mention which one of the dogs had won the fight.

Dec. 14:

8:59 a.m.—Officers descended upon the Harvard Student Agencies building to investigate a backpack left in front of the building that had been deemed suspicious. Police determined that the backpack was not threatening and returned it to its owner.

Dec. 15:

4:45 p.m.—An officer took aside an individual who was passing out flyers in front of the Science Center. A search for any outstanding warrants proved unsuccessful, but the individual was served a trespass warning and escorted off the property.