Police Log

Nov. 18:

3:12 a.m.—Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officers were sent to the Yard to investigate a report of vandalism. Police arrived to discover the John Harvard statue had been marked up with chalk. Although police logs did not divulge the content of these late-night writings, the incident noticeably took place the night before The Game.

Nov. 19:

11:11 p.m.—A displeased customer reported to HUPD that a theft had just occurred at Holyoke Plaza. The responding officer searched the area for the fleeing suspect—and the 30-pack of Budweiser beer he allegedly stole. The officer was unable to find either. The victim filed a police report for his stolen beer, valued at—arguably—only $26.

Nov. 20:

1:57 a.m.—Officers reported to Adams House in response to a report that individuals were tossing rocks at each other on the House’s balcony two hours past midnight. The alleged “rockers” were not found upon police arrival.

Nov. 21:

11:14 a.m.—An officer observed an individual in Mather House tossing items out a window. The officer spoke to the perpetrator, who agreed to clean up the area.

12:10 p.m.—Forty-five cases of soda were swiped from the Harvard Stadium at 73 North Harvard St. in one night. A police officer responded to the scene to take note of the $765 loss in sugary goods.

Nov. 22:

7:56 p.m.—A Blodgett pool swimmer reported that his wallet had been stolen, stripped of its $200 contents, and returned. An earlier theft at Hemenway Gym at 1515 Mass. Ave. resulted in a $460 loss.

Nov. 23:

2:20 p.m.—Officers descended upon University Hall to investigate a package deemed suspicious. Police determined that the package—filled with directories—was not threatening.

Nov. 24:

1:33 a.m.—HUPD officers assisted Cambridge Police Department officers in breaking up a fight still in progress at 1236 Mass. Ave.

Nov. 25:

12:47 a.m.—Police paid the inhabitants of Adams House G-24 a visit after receiving a complaint of loud music. The residents complied and lowered the volume of their music.

Nov. 26:

2:13 p.m.—A report of a suspicious person lingering in the Peabody Terrace garage sent officers to the scene. The responding officers questioned the individual, subsequently searched him, and found him to be in possession of a Class B substance. Under Massachusetts law, Class B includes cocaine, prescription opiates such as Oxycontin, LSD, ecstasy, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. The minor from Cambridge, Joshua Hollis, 17, was then arrested on charges of both possession and intent to distribute.

Nov. 27:

3:01 a.m.—Officers responded to Dillon Field House at 47 North Harvard St. because of a report concerning a theft still in progress. The reporting party informed police that the suspect fled in an unknown direction but had left some items behind. Police impounded the stray items, worth $2,000, left behind by the thief.

12:59 p.m.—An officer took note of the theft of a Dell laptop and headphones at the Law School’s Story Hall. The items were collectively valued at $1,530. The officer was then notified of a second theft at Story Hall of a Dell MP3 player valued at $200.

Nov. 28:

6:07 p.m.—An officer was sent to Grays Hall in response to a report that lights had been left hanging from the freshman dorm. The officer was assured that those responsible for the lights would turn them off at the designated time.

Nov. 29:

2:18 p.m.—An officer went to the scene to investigate reports of an individual driving by a building repeatedly at 77 Ave. Louis Pasteur in Boston and snapping photographs. But the responding officer was ultimately unable to locate the drive-by photographer.

Dec. 1:

7:41 p.m.—Officers approached an individual lying in the bushes near Hilles Library, who then got up and waved a three-inch knife at the officers. A search for any warrants or wants successfully found an outstanding warrant for the suspect. Timothy Copage, 45, was then ordered to the ground and arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, and the outstanding warrant. Police logs report that Copage has no current address.

Dec. 2:

3:59 a.m.—Individuals using ladders to hang up Christmas lights on Widener Gate were instructed to pack up for the night and resume in the morning. The incident type is classified in the logs as a “hazardous condition.”

12:07 p.m.—HUPD officers assisted the Cambridge Fire Department with closing down the Owl Club building.