List of 186 Faculty Signatories

The following is a list of the 186 faculty members associated with Harvard University who have signed the open statement published today as an op-ed. This list is current as of 12:01am on February 22, 2005. Lecturers, assistant and associate professors, and school deans were not made signatories to this statement to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest.

1. Philippe Aghion, Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics (FAS)

2. Alberto Alesina, Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy and Chair of Economics (FAS)

3. Graham Allison ’62, Douglas Dillon Professor of Government, Director Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (KSG)

4. James E. Alt, Frank G. Thomson Professor of Government (FAS)

5. Nima Arkani-Hamed, Professor of Physics (FAS)


6. Christopher N. Avery ’88, Roy E. Larsen Professor of Public Policy (KSG)

7. Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr., John Shad Professor of Business Ethics (HBS)

8. George P. Baker ’79, Herman C. Krannert Professor of Business Administration (HBS)

9. Robert J. Barro, Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics (FAS)

10. Robert H. Bates, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government (FAS)

11. Lucian Bebchuk, William J. Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor of Law, Economics, and Finance (HLS)

12. Jeremy Bloxham, Mallinckrodt Professor of Geophysics and Chair of Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences (FAS)

13. George Borjas, Robert W. Scrivner Professor of Economics and Social Policy (KSG)

14. H. Kent Bowen, Bruce Rauner Professor of Business Administration (HBS)

15. Joseph L. Bower ’59, Donald Kirk David Professor of Business Administration (HBS)