The Quick Guide to Will Oldham

Interested in hearing more from the Bonnie Prince? Here is a quick guide to some of his best work. Choose your favorite alter-ego:

Palace – Viva Last Blues

As brimming with energy as it is stifled, one of Oldham’s first releases, under his original moniker, is an excellent introduction to the paradox that is his peculiar brand of folk-country-rock-core, complete with cracking inflections and murky wordplay.

Will Oldham – Joya

After abandoning the Palace name, Oldham retains his role as acoustic country-folk troubadour, relaying hushed, honest music that makes you trust him, while whispering absurdist lyrics that make you question his motivations. Confusing, but worth it.


Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I See a Darkness

More melodic than past releases, this album sounds like Oldham hitting full stride. By all means as minimalist as his past work, his Appalachian, flannel-tinged sound is more heart-wrenching here than ever before. A worthy classic.