September 12:

3:43 p.m.-Officer dispatched to take a report of a missing flower

delivery. Flower box was recovered with someone else’s personal

belongings in it. Officer spoke with both individuals, report filed.

11:01 p.m.-Officer dispatched to a report of a loud party at 10 DeWolfe

Street. Officer located the party and advised the occupants to quiet


11:51 p.m.-Officers dispatched again to loud party complaint at 10

DeWolfe. Officers shut down the party.

September 13:

1:21 a.m.-Officer dispatched to a report of loud noise coming from

inside an apartment. Officer arrived and determined it was an

unattended radio.

12:49 p.m.-Officers dispatched to a report of an individual exposing

theirself. Officers arrived and determined individual was intoxicated

and had urinated in public. Boston Police arrived on scene and took