Screenshots: Grey's Anatomy

Who knew that amidst surgical rooms and cadavers there was a hotbed of steamy affairs and doctors that can only be described as “McDreamy”? Ah, the McWorld of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Centering upon the lives of five surgical interns at Seattle’s Grace Hospital, “Grey’s” has ushered in a new wave of McWords and Patrick Dempsey’s awe-inspiring comeback.

With the recent release of the second season on DVD, it is time for us to reflect on syphilis outbreaks, the emergence of Addison Shepherd, and an orgasmic patient. Let’s drink ourselves silly while Meredith Grey launches into another voice-over.

Take a shot when…

McDreamy and Meredith share an elevator ride (you’ll be plastered in no time)

George looks longingly at Meredith (down your drink when she sleeps with him)

Dr. Bailey is referred to as a “Nazi”

Christina must empathize with a patient

Kyle Chandler (of “Early Edition” fame) shows up as part of the bomb squad

Izzie and Alex fight (two shots when they get it on at the hospital)

Dr. McSteamy enters the hospital (on second thought hold that sip and just take in the Adonis-like beauty of Eric Dane)

Characters discuss “McDreamy” at a bar

Chief delays going home

Angsty pop music (especially The Fray) plays during a Meredith voice-over

There’s a code blue in the hospital.

—Jessica C. Coggins

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