Game Tickets Sold on eBay

Lucky winner gets tickets off the online bidding site

Harvard tickets for The Game have been sold out since Wednesday, leaving Crimson fans scrounging around for spare tickets from friends, House lists and even eBay.

Though The Game sold out the last three times Harvard hosted it, this is the earliest it’s been sold out since 1986, Harvard Athletic Ticket Office manager Erin E. Hobin-Audet said yesterday.

Total stadium capacity is about 31,000 people, and every Harvard seat has been sold by the ticket office or distributed to undergraduates, Hobin-Audet said.

“We had some bleachers brought in for the end zones. Those were also sold out this year, which we did not have two years ago,” she said.

The only Game tickets not yet sold out are those reserved for Yale students, according to Yale director of ticket operations Nancy Fryer. Though unable to provide exact figures, Fryer said that Yale student ticket sales, which began on Monday and continue through today, have been about the same as two years ago.

Harvard students expressed frustration at the unavailability of tickets.

Cleo D. Leung ’08 had to spam several open lists to get a ticket for her boyfriend.

“I didn’t expect them to sell out so quickly,” she complained in an e-mail. “I also didn’t expect them to not e-mail House lists about ticket pickup.”

Even Undergraduate Council President John S. Haddock ’07 did not have a ticket by last evening, he said in an e-mail.

But one place Harvard students can still find tickets is on eBay, where one Harvard senior posted two endzone tickets for auction. The pair sold at 10:30 p.m.for $105. Face value for an individual ticket sold to the public is $30.

Harvard has no official ticket scalping policy, Hobin-Audet said, because it’s not usually an issue.

“Other than Harvard-Yale, there aren’t very many events where our tickets end up on eBay. It’s not something that’s a regular occurrence,” she said.