Protest Against Mueller Reflects Mob Mentality

To the editors:

Re: “Protestors Disrupt Mueller’s IOP Speech,” news, Apr. 27.

The hecklers and protesters at Mr. Mueller’s speech reflect a level of coarseness that I find disgusting in American discourse. Yes, these people have the right to be heard, to protest should they feel it necessary but not when it is Mr. Mueller’s turn to speak. We all have a turn to speak and once Mr. Mueller started it was his turn, not that of the protesters. The Crimson should be even more embarrassed that one of its editorial staff participated. That somewhat disqualifies The Crimson as any sort of non-biased news source.

I just find it most interesting that these sort of interruptions occur from those with left-leaning politics. Why is that? I believe it is because many on the left are quite arrogant in thinking their views are the only correct views. Debate is about listening to both sides and both sides having their time to speak. Mr. Mueller’s time to speak wasn’t honored by some who believe they have the right to interrupt or attempt to shout down anyone that disagrees with their particular politics. Think about it this way. If these leftists had their way, the only opinions would ever get to hear are theirs because anyone dissenting from their leftist view wouldn’t be allowed to speak, wouldn’t be invited or would be shouted down if invited.

I am truly embarrassed for Harvard. This sort of behavior is not part of educated, intelligent discourse. It is part of a mob mentality.

Madison, AL
April 28, 2007