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Evelyn Lilly & J.T. Scarry

By Rachel B Nolan, Crimson Staff Writer

Evelyn Lilly ’07 and J.T. Scarry ’07 owe a heartfelt thank you to the Harvard Freshman Dean’s Office. The pair, who became engaged March 1 of last year, both were assigned to live in Grays West as first-years, on the second and fourth floors, respectively.

Scarry recalls that they met at the first entryway-wide meeting, “probably during the game with different colored Starburst when everyone has to say one fact about themselves.” Scarry’s “fact” was that he was from Lexington, Mass., and the two discovered that they had a mutual friend—a Lexingtonian who had attended a science program with Lilly.

After their encounter at the proctor meeting, the two “became good friends,” Lilly says.

Scarry “has single-handedly made my Harvard experience spectacular,” says Lilly.

Lilly, a neurobiology concentrator, will attend Harvard Medical School in the fall, while Scarry, a Social Studies concentrator, will begin a doctoral program in political science at the University of Chicago.

This is the first separation for the pair, who both lived in Mather House after their stint in Grays. Lilly describes the change as “really sad” but says “we’ll be visiting each other regularly.”

The pair has not set a date for the wedding. According to Scarry, the couple is “going to put off the marriage until we can set up house together.”

Lilly says that she thought it would be wise to stay in Boston as she and Scarry “want to live on the East Coast later, and people tend to stay around where they go to medical school.”

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