Senior House: A House for Us All. (Yes Freshies, Even You.) Rage On.

This year, Adams House seniors Luca Candelori ’08, Nathan A. Sharp ’08, Arjun A. Suri ’08, and Samuel W. Teller,

This year, Adams House seniors Luca Candelori ’08, Nathan A. Sharp ’08, Arjun A. Suri ’08, and Samuel W. Teller, a Crimson Magazine staff writer, won the housing lottery—and not in the “we avoided the Quad” way. They are the newest residents of Senior House, a three-story house behind Claverly. Two years ago, the residents claim, the house got so trashed it was shut down. Rumor has it, the last student to live there was heir apparent to the Belvedere Vodka Company, a fact that may or may not be related to the destruction of Senior House.

This newly renovated free-standing four bedroom, two-bathroom domicile has reopened its doors without a hitch. Now, resident tutors in Claverly are extra vigilant with safety concerns surrounding the legendary party palace. “[Senior House] is a gift and we want to give it back,” says Sharp. Party on, Wayne.

Adams House, according to the residents of Senior House, doesn’t really have a party suite like other houses, such as Currier’s “Ten-Man.” Though not officially designated as a party suite, Senior House in the past has been known to host ridiculous ragers. These new residents are happy to oblige, saying they will host for everyone “including freshmen.”

The house’s common room on the ground floor, which was decorated with help from Claverly security guard Pearl, faces the alley between Linden St. and Holyoke St. Security can be an issue as the house does not have swipe access, only key access. Sharp says “urinators like to collect in the dark corner” of the alley, and occasionally late-night wanderers swing by in search of the leftover Thai food that Spice restaurant leaves there.

With residents who have the house’s long-term existence in mind, future Adams House seniors can look forward to this sweet deal. That is, if these guys stick with the 70 percent of Harvard students who had zero to four drinks last time they partied.