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ChatGPT, Cheating, and the Future of Education

Professors are grappling with whether to ban ChatGPT or let students use it. But beyond this semester, larger questions loom. Will AI simply become another tool in every cheater’s arsenal, or will it radically change what it means to learn?

Napalm, Birthed in Harvard’s Basement

Who bears responsibility for the millions of deaths napalm caused: the Harvard scientists who created it, hoping their efforts would help end WWII? Harvard for supporting the research and partnering with the military? Or are the weapon’s inventors exempt, with the blame placed solely on those who authorized its use? And what — if anything — should the University do now to acknowledge the role they played?

Out/Laws: Student Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Rights at Harvard Law

Since its inception, COGLI has served as a center for LGBTQ+ advocacy at the Law School. The organization has spearheaded policies ranging from banning military recruitment on campus to including sexual orientation in Harvard’s non-discrimination policy. Moreover, the very existence of this group gave visibility to LGBTQ+ students at the school, allowing them to challenge homophobic stereotypes and bring LGBTQ+ life to light.