Cover Story

Michelle Wu ’07 is Running for Mayor on a Green New Deal. What Does this Mean for Boston?

More than anything, the Green New Deal of Michelle Wu '07 celebrates the city of Boston. She draws on the city’s history of firsts — home to the country’s first public library, first public park, and first public school — to emphasize Boston’s potential to lead. “It’s because we realized the ways in which we’re interconnected and we can do that again,” she says of the city’s many firsts. “When Boston leads, we have an impact on this country’s trajectory.”

‘Five Generations of Renty’

The implications of Lanier v. Harvard do not end with the daguerreotypes in the Peabody Museum. The case could dictate the future of reparations in the United States and is potentially the most important case for racial justice since Brown v. Board.

Louis Agassiz, Under a Microscope

Though some historians argue it is difficult to reconcile these two visions of Louis Agassiz — one gentle and reverential, the other rigid and bigoted —, they may simply be two sides of the same coin. Agassiz prided himself on his ability to distinguish and characterize species. With his theory of polygenism, he created taxonomies not only of turtles and jellyfish but also of human beings.

The People Who Stay

The story of Harvard’s expansion into Allston has been told before, but often with the University at the center. Shifting the focus to the voices of Allston residents unearths a range of complex, often contradictory visions for the neighborhood’s future.