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The Magic of Food Fermentation in Eng-Sci 24

Eng-Sci 24 is a lab course focused on innovation. Despite its culinary application, the course draws students with career interests varying from food writing to sustainable food production.

‘I Want People to Know It’: Ava E. Silva ’27 Works to Preserve the Alabama Language

Within the Working of Language in the Field (WOLF) lab, Ava E. Silva '27 and a team of Harvard researchers are currently developing the Alabama language project, a five-year initiative that aims to document the language, study its grammar and lexicon, and produce educational resources for the Alabama-Coushatta community.

The Matchmakers of Harvard Magazine

“I like the idea of personal ads, because that is exactly what they are — they’re personal,” says celebrity matchmaker Bonnie Winston, who has placed ads in Harvard Magazine since the late 2000s. “It’s a very good way for me to find quality bachelors and bachelorettes to match my clients up with."