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The Faulty Science of "Herd Immunity"

If the pandemic was handled according to Martin Kulldorff’s plan, most young and healthy people would resume life as it was before March: no quarantining, no masks, no social distancing.

October Is the New December

On Oct. 15, the Harvard Book Store shared a letter with its patrons on its website and social media platforms, opening up to its customers about a necessary shift in the usual holiday retail calendar. “We ask our community to please shop early and shop local, at our website and store, and at those of our neighbors,” the letter reads.

Into the Elephant's Den

Four years ago, the Harvard Republican Club chose not to endorse Donald Trump, denouncing his “racial slander” as a “threat to the survival of the Republic.” Several weeks ago, the same club released a very different decision, not only endorsing the President but describing his policies as leading to “the most prosperous and safe lives for Black Americans.” So, what changed? Exploring a central group chat described as a “lion’s den,” a previous election characterized by “Harvard snakery to the millionth degree,” and the experience of two women on the club’s board, The Crimson dug into the factors behind the club’s controversial reversal.