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‘Kind of Not Either’: Half-Freshmen Navigate Harvard

This year, as the half-freshmen return to a newly-revived campus or step foot on it for the first time, many report a disconnect from both their upperclassmen and freshman peers, a feeling exacerbated by logistical issues that remind the students of their in-betweenness.

Harvard Beijing Academy’s Move to Taipei

From singing Chinese pop songs to playing Mahjong to visiting the Great Wall, students in the Harvard Beijing Academy summer study abroad program have ample opportunity to explore Beijing while improving their Chinese. While these immersive experiences will continue, the program will move from Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China to National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan starting the summer of 2022.

The Final Months of a Covid-Plagued Senior Year

I expected the first part of her answer. The point of this article was to chronicle a senior blocking group’s spoiled final year at Harvard. But what I found in my reporting was slightly more complicated.

Why Was a Somerville First-Grader Accused of Sexual Assault?

In November 12, 2019, Flavia C. Peréa's six-year-old son was accused of sexual assault. The family has spent over a year trying to get his information out of state and municipal databases associating him with different forms of sexual assault. What, exactly, is going on?