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The Heart of Education

“Undoubtedly — I can't say this in stronger terms — this course would have met the highest level of Gen Ed committee evaluation,” he says. “There are other courses that were nowhere near this threshold of quality that you could cut for funding reasons. This is not the one to go.”

Active Minds Opens New Chapter at Harvard

Alton and Wang brought a chapter of Active Minds to Harvard to address students' mental health concerns during the pandemic and to fill the role left behind by Harvard's temporarily unavailable peer health education groups.

Candy and Condoms

It’s Halloween, and Smith spends the next hour and a half handing out goodie bags to students, picking them out of the box and confidently striding down the iced-over steps in one-inch platform heels to meet new arrivals. Each goodie bag contains the usual items: candy, Halloween toys, and of course, four Trojan brand condoms.