A Summer Soaked in Nostalgia

I always loved who I was in LA; the city seemed to mark clear periods of growth, the backdrop of the coming-of-age movie that I believed to structure my life. But this time around, endless days alone replaced collective effervescence.

Dear Freshman Year

That was always the comparison: life before you and life after you. I could not fathom how much had changed. I had gone from a year of stillness and solitude to the most socially and intellectually stimulating experience of my life. And that was only the beginning.

I Didn't Forget My Name

Each first day brings me back to those moments. Each introduction, each icebreaker, each time I have to say my concentration or where I’m from. Each time I order a coffee, or the french fries from the Adams House Grill. Each time I say my name.

Sleepless in Istanbul

It’s March 12, ten hours after a packed red-eye flight. Wearing wet rain boots soaked in the cold snow, three other Harvard students and I carried our suitcases up the hilly, snowy streets of Bebek. A spring break escape from the Boston snow turned into a deeper dive into even more snow in Istanbul.