Lena Chen’s Intimate Internet

In the intimacy of Chen’s performance art, I see the nascent question of what desire, care, and closeness can look like in an increasingly online world. Chen is an artist who speaks into the future: the future of sex, the future of technology, the future that implicates everyone interacting on the internet.

Fifteen Questions: Pardis Sabeti on LS1B, Computational Genetics, and Holiday Cards

Biologist Pardis C. Sabeti sat down with Fifteen Questions to talk about the famed introductory genetics class, the quirks of her lab, and being a woman in science. “A successful life is not one that is free of setbacks. It’s defined by setbacks,” she says.

Noah Feldman on Constitutions, Content Regulation, and Boaty McBoatface

Feldman, who specializes in constitutional law, draws upon established political systems to tackle the emerging, ever-changing domain of the digital world. The man who advised constitutional processes in Iraq and Tunisia now wants to develop systems of governance for social media platforms.

William Cheng, Scholar of Music and Video Games

William Cheng, a professor of music at Dartmouth College and a 2022–23 fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, loves video games. He has studied and played them through a complicated and trailblazing career in academia, where he says that caring for the “whole person” is often “perceived to be extracurricular and kind of secondary.”