The Tough Tech Road Ahead

They are biologists and chemists, doctors and architects, physicists and engineers — and they are founders, too. In a society where speed is of the essence, their startups are tackling large, urgent problems that quick fixes can’t solve.

Fifteen Anxious Minutes with Dr. David R. Williams

It’s no secret that elections make us anxious. But how does that anxiety affect our health? FM asks Professor David R. Williams, who gathered data and investigated the tangible effects of election-related stress in 2016. His research found that, following the election, participants faced significantly higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Creating a Breathable Boston

Linear forests are different from normal trees that dot roads because of their robust root systems and long lifespans. “You dig out a long linear trench and stuff as many trees in there as possible,” Schwartz explains. “You can plant 300 trees in six parking spaces.”

A Class Called “Tree”

How did an arboreal course come to be? After eight years of teaching a seminar on Charles Darwin, Friedman wanted to do something different. His new seminar is unusual among Harvard’s entire catalogue.