ROVING REPORTER: The Writer's Strike

Having been unable to watch new episodes of “30 Rock” for an insufferably long time, the Roving Reporter decided to go find out how people feel about the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. (Publication of this article was delayed until the Roving Reporter was promised 0.6% of any future DVD adaptations.)

Shana M. Caro ’11

RR: You’ve heard about the writers strike, right?

SC: Yeah.

RR: How long do you think it’s been going on?

SC: I don’t know. I haven’t been able to watch a lot of TV since I got here, but I think it started in the summer.

RR: Nope, it’s only been about twelve weeks. Does it really seem that long?

SC: Okay, wow. I guess I’ve just been cut off from TV entirely since school started.

RR: Did you watch a lot of TV back home?

SC: Yeah. Every night, “[The] Daily Show” and “[The] Colbert Report.” And a lot of MTV and stuff that I’m a little ashamed about.

RR: Do you think the writers are justified in preventing us from watching those great shows?

SC: I don’t know how much money they were getting beforehand, but it probably wasn’t enough compared to what producers were making, so I think they’re justified in asking for more.

RR: When new television returns do you think there should be any new improvements to the shows you watch?

SC: No. Television, for me, is a way that I can just relax and stop thinking for a little bit, so I’m perfectly fine with most of the shows being pretty much drivel.

RR: So you think the writers should get paid more for “drivel”?

SC: Yeah sure, why not? Producers are getting money from advertisers when people watch drivel so I think the people who write it should make more money also.

Yannik K. Pitcan ’11

RR: So how do you feel about the Writers Guild strike?

YP: Honestly, it doesn’t affect me that much. My favorite show, “The Boondocks,” doesn’t need to depend on writers to write the show for them because it’s already good enough as it is.

RR: It doesn’t need writers?

YP: Yeah, and it could be the best show on TV right now. And I also think that they should have me write instead. I should be the one writing shows.

RR: Why you? Pitch me your pilot.

YP: My what?

RR: You know, the first episode of your series.

YP: Um, I think it would be something making fun of Michael Vick. Possibly. Yeah, I’d try a line of Michael Vick scenarios.

RR: Oh, wow, that hasn’t been done before.

YP: It hasn’t? Really now, is that sarcasm or are you being serious? There hasn’t ever been a comedy making fun of that. It’s always been like, “Oh my God, let’s attack Michael Vick as a person,” but there isn’t anyone making any jokes about it. It’s something fresh.

RR: Okay. The strike has been going on twelve weeks. Too long?

YP: Honestly, yes, it’s been too long.

RR: Supposedly they might get a contract soon.

YP: Well, I mean, I hope they do for the best of the media but I’d be affected more if I was one of those people who watched “Desperate Housewives” or “Lost” or “Grey’s Anatomy.”

RR: You don’t like “Grey’s Anatomy?”

YP: No, I’m not into that much. I mean, I’d go watch it for Katherine Heigl, but besides that...

Isidore M. T. Bethel ’11

RR: So you’ve heard about this Writers Guild strike, right?

IB: Yup.

RR: How do you feel about it?

IB: I support them. I think it’s a case of people who usually don’t get a lot of press finally standing up for themselves.

RR: So I assume you failed all of your classes.

IB: Um, no.

RR: Why not?

IB: Well, why would I?

RR: Well, you’re supporting a writers strike, aren’t you?

IB: Ugh...

RR: I’m serious.

IB: I actually took a production class where I didn’t have to do any writing. I guess that’s the only case where that works though. In the other three classes I did have to do a lot of writing.

RR: So you would consider yourself anti-union?

IB: No, not at all

RR: But you’re a picket-crosser.

IB: [annoyed silence]


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