A Senseless Act of Revenge: The Cuban Embargo

To the editors:

Re: “Tear Down This Embargo,” Comment, March 5.

The sanctions against Cuba which began in the Kennedy era never worked because they were a blow not to the government of Fidel Castro, but a direct attack on the ordinary people of Cuba. It was a complete failure from start to finish as has been proven over the years, so let’s take a new look at it.

The embargo against Cuba was a senseless act of revenge, and one administration after another in the U.S. kept the farce going to please those Cuban has-beens in Miami. The Cuban people want friendship with the American people, but it must be one of mutual respect as well. If the sanctions were revoked immediately, there might come an aura of friendship between Cubans and Americans. Now just drop this inane embargo and the rest will fall into place.


Mississauga, O.N.

March 6, 2008