Pinkberry May Open in Square

Frozen yogurt store may fill long-vacant Harvard Square

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt may be taking over the property in the center of Harvard Square that has stood vacant for more than two years since the closing of Alpha Omega Jewelers.

Daniel E. Fraine, senior vice president for facilities of Cambridge Savings Bank, which owns the space, said that several companies have expressed interest in leasing the property, though no deal has been signed yet.

Fraine confirmed that Pinkberry is interested in the property but would not name the other companies who are competing for the space.

“We’re not close to signing anybody yet,” Fraine said. “It’s obviously hard work to try to get someone in there, and we have been [trying] for a year or so.”

“There’s been a lot interest in the space, and [we’re] just trying to get the right fit,” he added.


Pinkberry has stores in six states and four foreign countries, with two dozen more locations slated to open soon. Currently, the California-based chain has no stores in New England, but it plans to open three in Connecticut and another in Boston, according to its website.

“Oh my god, that is the best,” Kathy Y. Han ’10 said about Pinkberry’s yogurt, which she tasted in Los Angeles. “That will be awesome. It will totally kill Berryline,” she added, referring to the possible opening of a Pinkberry in Harvard Square.

Paige M. Livingston ’12 agreed that Harvard Square frozen yogurt shop Berryline’s product “just seems like an imitation” when compared to the Pinkberry frozen yogurt. “It doesn’t measure up,” she said.

Kevin M. Neylan ’12 said he preferred Berryline, calling Pinkberry “really overpriced and not very tasty.”

“Berryline is just so much better, in taste and general friendliness,” agreed Natalie S. Feldman ’12. “[Pinkberry is] a chain that started 3,000 miles away. Pinkberry’s not going to chase anybody away from Berryline—only if it’s open later.”

Daniel W. Kaeding, a shift supervisor at the Jamaica Plain branch of J.P. Licks, a Boston-based ice cream chain, said he doubts that J.P. Licks’ Harvard Square outpost “will be too badly damaged” if a Pinkberry store opens down the street.

“We have a greater diversity of products than Pinkberry does,” Kaeding said. “We have very uncommon flavors you’re not going to find anywhere else, like cucumber.”

Pinkberry and Berryline did not respond to requests for comment yesterday.

—Staff writer Julie M. Zauzmer can be reached at jzauzmer@college.harvard.