False Bomb Threat Reported at The Coop

An unknown individual called 911 in Cambridge on Saturday to report that a bomb was located in the Harvard Coop cafe.

After the call was made at approximately 4:56 p.m., the Cambridge Police Department and Cambridge Fire Department responded to the scene.

“The location was sweeped [sic] ... and secured,” the police report stated.

The employee at the coffee shop, a 30-year-old male, told police that he was not aware of the bomb threat.

The coffee shop employee “does not have any reason to believe that this threat has anything to do with his operations at this coffee shop,” the report said.


The police report did not indicate whether the employee was affiliated with Harvard.

The gender of the caller was also unknown.

A bomb threat was reported in the same vicinity this past summer when an unknown female called the Citizens Bank in Harvard Square, informing the bank staff that the establishment was going to explode.

Upon hearing of the threat on July 9, Cambridge police evacuated the building at 6 JFK St.

Police also redirected traffic, and businesses in the vicinity were informed of the threat.

In that incident, Cambridge police dispatched a bomb unit to search the area for explosives.

The building was declared safe about an hour after the anonymous female called the bank.

Cambridge Police Department Spokesperson Dan Riviello told The Crimson at the time that bomb threats like the one at Citizens Bank are infrequent but investigated as a necessary precaution.

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