Prosecutors Say Shooter Lured Victim to Kirkland Basement

As part of that strategy, Amabile said, the prosecution has made plea deals with several key players in the case, including Campbell. Amabile said that investigators have dangled carrots in the form of lesser jail time—and in the case of Campbell, a chance to get her degree—in order to secure their cooperation in the case against Copney.

“She’s thinking that if she comes around, maybe these Harvard alumni will get her reinstated,” said Amabile, referring to District Attorney Gerard T. Leone ’85 and Bennett, who both graduated from the College and lived in Kirkland House. Another prosecutor on the case, David M. Solet, is a 2001 graduate of the Law School.

Three witnesses, including a state trooper, a passerby, and a longtime friend of Cosby’s were called to the stand before court went into recess.

Massachusetts State Trooper Kathryn Downey was the first witness to take the stand. Downey was called to the scene of the crime on May 18 and lifted fingerprints from the front and rear right side doors of Cosby’s car.

The prosecution also showed a video that Downey made, providing a visual tour of the art room under J entryway where Cosby was allegedly shot.


Junior Nash, who had known Cosby since the third grade, said on the stand that Cosby had no job, sold marijuana to earn money, and frequently did so from his car.

The jury is scheduled to tour the area of Harvard today where the killing took place.

Prior to the start of the trial, Jiggetts and Aquino pleaded guilty to lesser charges of manslaughter, though they were both originally charged with first-degree murder. Part of Jiggetts’ agreement was to testify at Copney’s trial.

Campbell will be called to the stand once the trial resumes in Woburn.

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