Activities Fair Brings Food, Flyers, and Unexpected Bibles

Amidst shouts, impromptu dances, and thousands of small flyers, Harvard’s hundreds of clubs spent three hours racing to collect as many new members as they could for the new school year.

From the fishing club to the pre-dental society to a dozen or so a cappella groups, club representatives lined the Quad at the Friday activities fair to advertise their groups in creative fashion.

“It’s really cool to see all this energy and how much people are in love with what they do,” said Florence Y. Chen ’15, who represented the Institute of Politics.


Walking down an aisle of tables, passersby were bombarded by pamphlets, candy, juice boxes and other handouts pronouncing the benefits of membership in various clubs.

“Freshmen are surprised,” said J. Arturo Villanueva ’13, who was representing the Texas Club. “This is the first time they get to see everything that goes on here.”

Many freshmen stayed for the duration of the event to take in the scope of activities at Harvard. “This is a great opportunity to do so many things that I didn’t have at home,” said Benjy S. Levin ’16.

The tables were grouped by themesports, public service, music, et cetera. Meanwhile, Harvard University Dining Services offered an outdoor buffet celebrating Boston’s diverse food offerings.

The onslaught of excited club promoters was overwhelming for many new freshmen. With so many activities, students said they had trouble deciding what to sign up for. “There are a lot of people and a lot of booths and they make it seem like it’s your one chance to get involved in something,” said Issac L. Alter ’16. “But it’s not. I hope it’s not.”


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