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Ralph Nader Accuses Law School of Servicing Corporate Greed

By The Crimson Staff

Ralph Nader, the former presidential candidate and Harvard Law School graduate, accused his alma mater of servicing corporate greed in a speech there on Thursday.

“Would you be proud of representing the corporate crooks in Wall Street?” Nader asked an audience primarily composed of Law students at Langdell Hall in the early afternoon. “What is the purpose of the Harvard Law School? Well, you know who knows what the purpose is? The corporate giants. They know exactly what the purpose of the Harvard Law School is. It’s to provide endless relays of lawyers who service their interests."

"Harvard Law is not an institution that provokes any kind of consternation or fear among the power structure, just the opposite," he continued. "It’s an institution, and I’ll get around to the exceptions. On the whole, it’s an institution that rationalizes corporate power brilliantly, services corporate power brilliantly with its graduates and some of its departments here….The sum and substance of legal education and its ultimate intellectual challenge has got to be the realization of legal systems furthering justice and fairness for all."

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