In Photos: 38th Annual Cultural Rhythms Showcase

By Marina Qu and A. Skye Schmiegelow
By Marina Qu

On Saturday, the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations held its 38th annual Cultural Rhythms Showcase, featuring performances from 10 student cultural groups. The event also honored actress Angela E. Bassett and actor Courtney B. Vance ’82 as the Artists of the Year. The showcase closed out the weeklong Cultural Rhythms celebration, which included a fashion show, food festival, dialogues, and karaoke.

By Marina Qu

Cultural Rhythms Directors Kyla N. Golding ’24 and Cindy H. Phan ’24 hold a Q&A with two-time Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor and producer Courtney B. Vance ’82. Honorary Oscar Recipient and Golden Globe Award-winning actress, producer, and executive director Angela E. Bassett could not attend the event.

The Kuumba Singers, the oldest existing Black organization at Harvard College, take the stage for the first performance of the night.

The Asian American Dance Troupe performs an umbrella dance in the traditional Chinese style. The piece portrays a rainstorm, and the dancers demonstrate strength, elegance, and tenacity.

In their energetic performance, The Bhangra Dance Troupe blends traditional beats with modern flair.

Bryant Y. Valenzuela ’25 showcases the rich tradition of Mexican ballad music.

Candela Latin Dance Troupe ignites the stage, infusing every move with the pulsating rhythms and vibrant spirit of Latin dance.

The Harvard Taekwondo Demonstration Team proves their martial arts prowess on stage, leaving the audience in awe.

Omo Naija x The Wahala Boys perform a traditional West African dance with a modern twist.

To conclude the night, The Harvard Undergraduate Philippine Forum presents its national dance – the Tinikling. Two people beat, tap, and slide bamboo poles while the other two dancers move swiftly between them.

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