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Tweets of the Week: Former Men's Basketball Captains

By Blake Sundel, Crimson Staff Writer

It’s no secret that this has been the best year in Harvard basketball history.

For starters, the Crimson ran through the Ivy League en route to its first appearance in the NCAA tournament. Students packed the stands in Lavietes and Harvard students actually cared about basketball. Yes, you read that correctly.

Over in the NBA, Jeremy Lin had Spike Lee reppin’ the Crimson in the first row of Madison Square Garden. Linsanity almost broke the Internet, and analysts talked about Harvard basketball on ESPN.

By our count that’s two miraculous feats in one year. Here are some tweets from the basketball players who brought you the magic of 2012.

1) Apparently, Keith Wright is keeping up to date with pop culture and his alma mater’s football team. The co-captain of the 2012 basketball squad had this to say about an upcoming film:

“Somebody please tell me this is a joke. Tyler Perry is doing an action movie!? Does Madea get kidnapped or something? I'm so lost”

Not a good sign when a movie’s plot can be condensed into a single Tweet. Even if it’s an action film, this will go down as the best joke in Tyler Perry’s career.

2) Wright’s fellow captain, Oliver McNally, is also keeping up to date with movies.

“A friend if mine: "I made a fake Facebook account under the name Brian Mills to exact revenge on a chick." Yes, the Brian Mills from Taken.”

Sure, a friend of yours.  Wouldn’t you say this is a little overboard?

3) Everywhere McNally goes he has to deal with his former, famous teammate.

“Hey ‪@JLin7 get out of my face bro. Can't a brotha just read Sky Mall in peace without your autographed mug plastered all over it? ‪#400bucks

Forget the cover of Sports Illustrated. You know you’ve made it big when your picture is in Sky Mall.

4) Yes, Jeremy Lin’s face is just about everywhere these days.  But apparently some people still can’t match his face with the right name.

“This guy just said, "oh my god im your biggest fan!! nice to meet you mr. lee" ahhaha”

We have two questions for you, “guy.”  Where have you been for the past year?  And, if you’re Mr. Lee’s biggest fan, what does that make these people?

5) It has been a while since Jeremy Lee Lin served as  co-captain of the Harvard basketball team, but the superstar is reliving his college days. The Rockets point-guard is not pleased with the rookies on his team.

“Btw its not OK that all the rooks forgot their hello kitty, cody simpson, dora the explorer and smurfs backpacks...”

They make those backpacks in NBA size? Good thing Jeremy isn’t playing for the Celtics, because hazing is against the law in Massachusetts.

Those are your tweets of the week.  Their playing days might have ended, but these former captains are still providing Crimson fans with memories. Even graduation can’t stop the magic of 2012.

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