Tweets of the Week: Harvard Beats Yale

Published by Blake Sundel on November 20, 2012 at 10:12PM

This past weekend you might not have recognized Harvard.

Thanks to the bitter rivalry, endless tailgates, disoriented alumni, overwhelming amounts of school pride, and thousands of people actually interested in football, Harvard seemed more like Blue Mountain State than the world’s most renowned University.

If you left after a boring first half filled with as much excitement as four years at Yale, shame on you. Here’s what you missed: an epic comeback, terrible cheerleader pushups, the loudest cheers emitted from Harvard students since they received their respective admittance letters, and a storming of the field reminiscent of Bunker Hill.

As if things couldn’t get any better, Twitter blew up with Harvard pride on Saturday following the victory. Here is what some of Harvard’s athletes had to say about the 129th meeting of The Game.

1) Ryan Delisle, a sophomore tight end, wanted to pass this along to his opponents:

“Go ahead. Take our coaches you will still lose. ‪#Crim12”

Indeed, looks like Coach Tony “Benedict Arnold” Reno and his band of defectors couldn’t get it done. Maybe next year Coach Murphy should offer a starting player or two just to keep things interesting.

2) Members of Yale’s coaching staff aren’t the only ones who fell short on Saturday. Apparently, Junior forward Alex Fallstrom also struggled in the aftermath of The Game.

“Can somebody call my wallet? ‪#cantfindit”

Tough. Have you tried leaving a voicemail for whoever picked it up?

3) Fallstrom’s teammate, sophomore forward Colin Blackwell, felt inspired by the packed stadium:

“After seeing the surplus of students attending ‪#TheGame it truly shows how big of a crowd we should get at every sporting event ‪#figureitout”

Seeing as the typical academic schedule allows for only one weekend that students can act like ESPN’s Game-Day Crew is on campus, this might be more difficult than any problem set for Math 55. Sounds like a potential thesis.

4) Sophomore offensive lineman Anthony Fabiano knew exactly how he wanted to celebrate his team’s big win:

“If I don't hear Die Young about 25 times tonight I'm gonna punch someone in the face”

Anthony and his teammates certainly deserved to make the most of the night like they were going to die young.

5) Finally, a tweet from shooting guard Laurent Rivard that basically sums up the entire weekend:

“Harvard > Yale ‪#nuffsaid”

Cue Ten Thousand Men of Harvard. Happy Thankgiving!