Senior Defensive End Anthony Russ: For Love or the Game

Published by Samantha Lin on November 30, 2012 at 11:30PM

After the final snap at The Game signified the defeat of Yale for the sixth year in a row, it seemed like senior defensive end Anthony Russ’s role with Harvard sports might end. But for this psychology concentrator from Dunster House, though the football season is over, his connection to Crimson athletics isn’t.

Russ is roommates with former linebacker Garrett Barnard, and connects off of the gridiron by dating junior Kylie Keating, a midfielder on the lacrosse team.

In a continuation of our series, For Love or the Game, we asked Russ a slew of questions, then asked Barnard and Keating to guess his answers. So who knows the senior better? Who will prevail, the baller or the laxer?

Anthony Russ, senior defensive end

Favorite athlete: Scott Rolen was my idol when he was a Phillie. After he left, Brian Dawkins.

Pregame jam: Hard Rock, louder the better.

Secret talent: I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

TV show: Used to be Lost. Now I'll go with Game of Thrones. Or The Walking Dead on normal cable.

Favorite late-night food: Anything with meat usually suffices.

Superpower of choice: I would just be Wolverine. Healing factor, adamantium claws and skeleton and berserker rage? Total badass

Sport you'd play other than your own: Baseball, my first love.


Kyleigh Keating, sophomore midfielder and Russ’s girlfriend

Favorite athlete: Has to be someone who at some point played for the Phillies. (5 points)

Pregame jam: Any kind of heavy metal or up pace song that is NOT rap. (5)

Secret talent: He can tie cherry stems with his tongue  (10)

TV show: Walking Dead (10)

Favorite late-night food: Really anything that doesn't contain hummus...but specifically, anything that resembles pizza and contains meat or pretzels. (10)

Superpower of choice: He is a huge super hero nerd (right now he is wearing a Superman shirt)....hard to pick one but maybe flying? (0)

Sport you'd play other than your own: Baseball (10)

Total: 50/70 Keating has posted an impressive showing, but will she be able to hold off Barnard?


Garrett Barnard, former linebacker and Russ’s roommate

Favorite athlete: Roy Halladay, anyone on the Phillies (5)

Pre-race jam: Anything Nickelback (with other roommate/teammate James Klein). I actually have no idea. (5)

Secret talent: He is an undercover book worm. He can read faster than anyone I know. Probably reads about 20 books a year leisurely. (0)

TV show: Fringe, How I met Your Mother, but most importantly Game of Thrones. (10)

Favorite late-night food: Half-Shell's Grilled Chicken Club with Spicy Fries or a hot pocket (10)

Superpower of choice: Being Suave. I love the kid to death but he has the worst game ever. Good thing he has Kyleigh now! Still don't know how that happened... (0, though perhaps Barnard should earn points for creativity)

Sport you'd play other than your own: Baseball, for the Phillies. I hate baseball season in our room. He is on the phone with his dad during every game. "Dad, Did you see that call? Utley was safe by a mile! That's complete Crap!" His Dad, "I know Anthony. That ump isn't making it out of stadium alive tonight." (10)

Total: 40/70 Although Barnard’s specifics about Russ garner him respect on our end (and possibly a few glares from his roommate), Keating edges him out for the victory!


Thanks for playing, guys! If you have any suggestions for other couples/friends/teammates to play “For Love or the Game” leave them below in the comments section!