Sobhy's Dominance By The Numbers

Published by Saira Khanna on March 04, 2012 at 10:12PM

This weekend, freshman Amanda Sobhy leads the way for the Harvard women’s squash team in the CSA Individual Championships at Amherst, Mass. After helping the team clinch the Howe Cup last weekend, Sobhy claims the No. 1 seed in her quest to win the Ramsay Cup. Clearly, we have a phenom on our hands, but how good is she really? The numbers speak for themselves…

0 - The number of sets she has given up all season

1- The position she has played all season on the Crimson squad, and the seed she has going into the national championship

5 - The number of points she gave up to Yale’s Millie Tomlinson, the No. 2 seeded player, in the Howe Cup final

12- The number of matches she has won so far this year, as an undefeated player

15 - The greatest number of points she has given up in a single match

100 - The total number of points she has lost

396 - The total number of points she has won