Laurent Rivard: For Love or the Game?

Published by Claire K. Dailey on April 13, 2012 at 10:12PM

In the Harvard men's basketball team's first NCAA game in 66 years, sophomore wing Laurent Rivard scored a team-high 20 points in a 79-70 loss to Vanderbilt.

To say sophomore basketball player Laurent Rivard has had a busy year is an understatement. Knocking down 20 points for Harvard in its NCAA tournament game against Vanderbilt, coming in seventh in Crimson history with 127 career three-pointers, and being the third leading-scorer on the Crimson this season are just some of this Canadian sharpshooter’s season highlights. After helping his team get to the Big Dance this spring, the computer science concentrator solidified his spot in Harvard sports history.

But this resident of Cabot House is linked to Crimson athletics in more ways than one. Laurent’s girlfriend Christie DiSilvestro is a sophomore water polo player, and his roommate, and high school teammate, Matt Brown is a fellow guard on the basketball team. Continuing the series, for Love or The Game, we asked Laurent some quick questions, and then quizzed Christie and Matt on what they thought were the correct answers. So who actually knows the sharpshooter better, the baller or the shot-caller?

Laurent Rivard, sophomore guard

Favorite athlete: Lance Armstrong

Pre-game jam: Lil' Wayne

Secret talent: Completing the Rubik’s cube in sub-2 minute time

TV show: 24

Favorite late-night food: Chips and candy

Superpower of choice: Mind-reading

Matt Brown, sophomore guard and Laurent’s roommate

Favorite athlete: Ray Allen (0)

Pre-game jam: Fabulous (0)

Secret talent: Bike riding (0)

Favorite TV show: Dexter (0)

Favorite late-night food: Candy (5)

Superpower of choice: Teleport (0)

Total: 5/60 - This is a tough blow for Brown. But will his knowledge of Rivard’s sweet tooth be even close to enough to beat out DiSilvestro?

Christie DiSilvestro, sophomore water polo player and Laurent’s girlfriend

Favorite athlete: Lance Armstrong (10)

Pre-game jam: Taylor Swift (0)

Secret talent: Rubik’s cube (10)

TV Show: Dexter (0)

Favorite late-night food: Chips or candy (10)

Superpower of choice: Flying (0)

Total: 30/60 - looks like in the end DiSilvestro wins out! It was a rough test for both, but this baller’s girlfriend was up to the challenge!

Thanks for playing, guys! If you have any suggestions for other couples/friends/teammates to play “For Love or the Game” leave them below in the comments section!