Tweets of the Week: Men's Hockey

Published by Blake Sundel on April 30, 2012 at 11:39PM

Even though Graduation is right around the corner, hoodies and jeans are still out. The combination of mild weather and recent episodes of Game of Thrones has made it seem like cold winds are rising.

Since it feels like hockey season, we decided to see what the Harvard men’s hockey team has been up to in the offseason.  It appears that the season never stops, and neither do the Twitter updates.

Here are our favorite tweets of the week from the seniors on the Crimson hockey squad.  We think they give a pretty good idea of what life is like after Harvard hockey.

1) It appears that Colin Moore is watching a solid amount of TV during his senior spring.  The senior forward admitted this on April 23:

To answer your question Nickelodeon, yes I am #afraidofthedark

Kudos to Colin for taking the first step in conquering his fears and admitting he has a problem. Hopefully he was just flipping channels…

2) Defenseman and co-captain Ryan Grimshaw is turning to a special song to help him wake up in the morning.  The former Harvard stopper made this announcement on April 26:

Changing my alarm clock song to "Non Je Ne Regrette Rein" so I can feel like I'm getting the kick from inception every time I wake up.

Grimshaw should be all right as long as he’s got a totem to make sure he is awake. A custom hockey puck seems appropriate.

3) After being the big man on campus as a senior, Alex Killorn is back to the bottom of the food chain.  Grimshaw’s fellow Co-Captain is getting a taste of his own medicine as a rookie forward for the Norfolk Admirals, the Tampa Bay Lightning’s minor league team. On Apr. 26, Killorn shared this Tweet and an accompanying photo:

@moorepheus12 basically what my bunk is like on the sleeper bus. #rookieproblems

The far-from-comfortable accommodations prompted this revelation from the Former Crimson star:

Can't believe I use to complain about bus trips in the ECAC. #realitycheck

Yeah, those chartered bus rides are pretty rough. The whole “bathroom-any-time-you-want” thing and non-stop movies make for an uncomfortable ride. When will people realize that Harvard students are underprivileged?

Those are our tweets of the week.  To answer your question, the Harvard hockey team is doing just fine.