Kasey Lange: For Love or The Game?

Published by Alexander Koenig on April 06, 2012 at 10:12PM

Who knows softball's Kasey Lange better? Her boyfriend or her roommate?

Sophomore softball player Kasey Lange has a lot going on in her life. The reigning Ivy League Rookie of the Year and All-Ivy third baseman is currently batting .346 with four home runs as she leads her team in its title defense. The neurobiology concentrator and Currier House resident has quite a few connections to Crimson athletics beyond the diamond. Her boyfriend, sophomore Tom Hamel, is a forward on the men’s basketball team and her roommate, sophomore Jacquelyn Cooley, played outfield alongside Lange last season before switching over to the sailing team this year. But which of the two knows the slugger better? The best friend or the apple of her eye? To find out, we gave Kasey a few questions and asked Tom and Jacquelyn to guess her answers. So what will it be? For love, or the game?

Kasey Lange, sophomore third baseman

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids

Pre-game superstition: My lucky ribbon and eating Pinkberry

Proudest Athletic Moment: Winning the Ivy League title last year

Most Embarrassing Athletic Moment: Falling off a treadmill after a treadmill sprint

Guilty Pleasure: Felipe's nachos

Favorite Meal: Golden nuggets


Tom Hamel, sophomore forward and Kasey’s boyfriend

Favorite Movie: She always quotes Bridesmaids, so I'll say that. (10 points)

Pre-game superstition: She usually wears the same ribbon in her hair. (5)

Proudest athletic moment: Either winning CIF or the Ivy championship. (10)

Most embarrassing athletic moment: Wiping out on the treadmill in PD. (10)

Guilty Pleasure: Nachos from Felipe's. (10)

Favorite Meal: Anything from the diner she works at back home. (0)

Total: 45/60 points – an impressive showing, but can Cooley best it?


Jacquelyn Cooley, sophomore sailor and Kasey’s roommate

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids (10)

Pre-game superstition: She always has to wear the lucky bow I made for her. And making sure she has her gross/full of holes-batting gloves nearby. (7.5, extra points for making the bow)

Proudest Athletic Moment: Winning Ivy Champs duh! (10)

Most Embarrassing Athletic Moment: Every time she has to do hang cleans in Palmer Dixon (0)

Guilty Pleasure: Felipe's nachos at 2 am (10)

Favorite Meal: Golden Nuggets (10)

Total: 47.5/60 – Cooley throws in some specifics to propel herself to victory. The time taken to make that bow proved crucial for Cooley, but it was a solid showing all around.


Thanks for playing, guys! If you have any suggestions for other couples/friends/teammates to play “For Love or the Game” leave them below in the comments section!