Tweets of the Week: Back to School Edition

Published by Blake Sundel on September 10, 2012 at 9:40PM
Rivard Run

Junior sharpshooter Laurent Rivard is just one of the Crimson's basketball stars who has taken to Twitter to express his discontent with being back in Cambridge.

We’re sorry to break the news, but summer is over. That means it’s time to unpack those boxes, say awkward hellos to those freshman-year roommates, cry yourself to sleep in Lamont, and read The Back Page.

Okay, so we lied about people reading The Back Page. But if there’s one thing that Harvard students read, it’s Twitter, which has been buzzing with back-to-school fever.

During the past week, students have posted countless tweets in celebration of their return to Cambridge. Harvard’s athletes are no exception.

We’ve compiled our favorite back-to-school tweets in this year’s first Tweet of the Week. We know you’ve been waiting three months for this.

1) Sophomore basketball star Temi Fagbenle had a great summer, but that is starting to feel like ancient history. The Crimson forward tweeted this after a frustrating night:

Great....Lie in bed at 9pm doing work.....wake up at 3am...*sigh*...the ‪#collegestruggles have begun.

Look, we understand. It’s tough going from the Olympic Village to Quincy House. Who wants to go from LeBron James and Michael Phelps to those un-athletic brainiacs down the hall? Jet lag is tough, but this will take some time. You have our sympathy.

2) For some reason, joining a national team seems to correlate with first week struggles. Men’s basketball’s Laurent Rivard posted this on Twitter at the end of last week:

I probably should try to find my ID so I can eat in the dhall...

We remember when we were freshmen. Did you forget your Harvard lanyard, too? But wait, it gets better. Days later, Rivard shared this epiphany with his followers:

Why does every hard class at Harvard starts with "Introduction to ..."

So by that logic, do all the easy classes start with “Advanced?” And is “intermediate” still intermediate? We’re going to go ahead and rearrange our schedules now…

3) Rivard’s teammate, Christian Webster, is a little more sensible.  The junior guard feels strongly about his dining options:

Back to the dhall food --____--

The history books will remember this as the face that launched a thousand students into the Cambridge restaurants. Your move, HUDS.

Those are the Tweets of the Week. Assuming that at least one person reads this post, it should be the first of many. Check back next week when you need a break from those impossible introduction courses!