Upon Further Review: Football's Option Attack

Published by Jacob D. H. Feldman on September 24, 2012 at 7:17PM

In the first installment of a new weekly series, we break down the ins and out of the Harvard football team. First up: the option, a play which has led to a number of scores so far this season for the Crimson.

Our last two Athletes of the Week have been senior running back Treavor Scales and the offensive line that blocks for hima testament to the strength of the Crimson’s running attack in the team's first two contests.

While much of that success can be attributed to the size and skill of senior quarterback Colton Chapple, Scales, and the offensive linemen, some must go to the Harvard coaching staff for employing a potent run-option attack. The play requires impressive timing and football acumen, but as evidenced in these few plays from the Crimson’s win over San Diego on Sept. 15 at Harvard Stadium, the Crimson offense has made it look easy.