Tweets of the Week: Sophomore Struggles

Published by Blake Sundel on September 26, 2012 at 11:07PM

Even after surviving freshman year, sophomores like Jonah Travis, who took to Twitter this week to vent his travel frustrations, have to deal with their share of challenges as well.

It might not be the first year of college, but sophomore year certainly has its fair share of changes.

For one, it’s no longer acceptable to wear those colorful freshman dorm shirts.  The phrase “but the rooms are so big” becomes the motto of “quadded” sophomores who are still coping with the harsh realities of Housing Day.  And for a select few, that Mark Zuckerberg movie becomes a reference point to tell friends from home what a final club is.

The second year of college also offers a world of possibilities for sophomore athletes.  After learning the ropes their freshmen year, it’s now time for them to take on a bigger role.

That is, assuming these sophomores can survive the other changes in their lives.  Here are our favorite tweets from some sophomore athletes who seem to be going through a rough time:

1) Apparently, sophomore Nick Hopcroft gets emotional during movies. The squash player gave this cinematic review via Twitter:

"Watching project X actually a makes me sad as Im pretty sure I'll never experience a party like that ‪#bittersweet ‪#oneday"

We’re not sure what admissions video you saw, Nick, but what did you expect? It’s Harvard. You know, the school known for its academic rankings? That movie starring Method Man and Redman is not a documentary. But keep your head up, because most people will never experience classes like these.

2) Water Polo’s Thomas McNulty spends a lot of time in the water, but he’s apparently not too good with other liquids:

"Adding lemonade to chocolate milk did not produce the desired effect"

You don’t need to take Science and Cooking to realize that’s a bad idea. Besides, they already found the perfect complement to lemonade.

3) Earlier this year, we pointed out that Jonah Travis experienced some travel troubles on his way home.  Not surprisingly, it appears the Crimson forward still hasn’t taken our advice:

"Dude is 5 feet and takin ALL the leg room ‪#moveover"

Jonah, you are six feet, six inches tall.  That gives you an 18-inch height advantage. Trust us, the guy’s not going to do anything if you just move your leg. How do you expect to box out Division I basketball players if you can’t fight for legroom on an airplane?

Unfortunately, things just unraveled from there. It appears poor Jonah just can’t catch a break in the airport:

"I knew it would be too much to ask for to try and get my my N64 through security without being stopped"

We applaud the effort, Jonah, but given your airport history, it probably isn’t a good idea to take any chances with TSA.

Those are your tweets of the week.  Hopefully Jonah takes our advice this time and uses his size on the next plane ride home. Once he and his classmates get past the early sophomore slump, there is no telling what’s in store for the Crimson.