For Love or The Game: Erika Veidis

Published by Samantha Lin on January 25, 2013 at 10:13PM

As the spring semester begins, so does the racing season for Erika Veidis, a sophomore on the Harvard track and field team who specializes in the 800-meter race. But for this Pfoho resident, there is another Crimson race taking place.

Not only is she dating sophomore Alexander “Zander” Bonorris on the lightweight crew team, her close friend and roommate Molly Renfer races alongside her on the track team.

In an effort to see who would win a race for Veidis’s heart, we had the trio participate in The Back Page’s “For Love or the Game” series. We asked Veidis a medley of questions and then posed those same questions to Bonorris and Renfer to see who knew her better. So who prevailed in this heat? Who sped to the finish, the rower or the racer?Erika Veidis, sophomore on track team

Favorite athlete: Amantle Montsho, Allyson Felix, or Alysia Montano

Pre-race jam: "Welcome 2 Detroit" - Trick Trick feat. Eminem or "The Kiss" from Last of the Mohicans (in high school, "Russian Privjet" - Basshunter)

Secret talent: Chugging water quickly, guitar

TV show: I Love Lucy, Modern Family, The Office, Girls

Favorite late-night food: Cookies (or chocolate bourbon pecan pie from Petsi Pies)

Superpower of choice: Flying

Sport you'd play other than your own: Volleyball - every summer I've tried to become good at it, but never really succeeded - that's the sport in which my dad secretly wishes I were a superstar


Zander Bonorris, sophomore rower for lightweight crew and Veidis’s boyfriend

Favorite athlete: Alysia Montano or Allyson Felix (7)

Pre-race jam: Peanut Butter Jelly Time (0)

Secret talent: Goose/duck calls (0)

TV show: Modern Family/ Girls/ I love Lucy /The Office (10—all 4? We’re impressed)

Favorite late-night food: Ice cream /Cookies / Chocolate / Piragi (Latvian food) (10)

Superpower of choice: Mind reading /Invisibility (0)

Sport you'd play other than your own: Volleyball (at least that's what would be expected of her as a Latvian) (10—fair, considering what Latvia did to the US in London)

Score: 37/70 A solid showing by Bonorris, but will his knowledge of Veidis’s viewing habits be enough to hold off Renfer?


Molly Renfer, sophomore on track team and Veidis’ roommate

Favorite athlete: Allyson Felix (4)

Pre-race jam: Neil Young (to relax)/3LAU (to pump up) (0)

Secret talent: Plays guitar and sings (5)

TV show: Modern Family or The Office (too close to call) (5—tough break, gotta get them all!)

Favorite late-night food: Chocolate (5)

Superpower of choice: To snap fingers and be anywhere you want (0)

Sport you'd play other than your own: Volleyball (10)

Score: 29/70 Renfer puts up a good effort, but it’s the boyfriend, propelled by the details, who crosses the finish line first!

Thanks for playing, guys! If you have any suggestions for other couples/friends/teammates to play “For Love or the Game” let us know on Twitter, @THCSports