Tweets of the Week

Published by Eamon J. McLoughlin on November 13, 2017 at 5:44PM

Here's all the best from your favorite Harvard athletes this past week:

6. “Congrats to Eli Dershwitz for winning gold for the U.S. at the Senior World Cup in Algeria this weekend! #GoCrimson” - Harvard Fencing (@goHFTweet)

And I thought my trip into Boston over the weekend was a journey to a faraway land. Oh well. Congrats Eli!

5. “Walked through some ruins in Pompeii followed by a hike up a volcano at Mt. Vesuvius. Just arrived in Rome.” - Marc Mangiacotti, Men’s Track and Field Coach (@MarcMangiacotti)

You know what they say Marc, when in Rome, walk through some ruins or hike up a volcano or something.

4. “Don’t worry, do what you’re suppose to do and all will fall into place” - Rio Haskett, Men’s Basketball (@MohTG_)

As finals loom on the horizon, I think we could all take a page from Rio’s book and try to calm down.

3. “A woman at the train station thought I was 19. Am I at that age yet where I should be happy that I look younger?" - Amanda Sobhy, Women’s Squash Alum (@itssobhytime)

That’s a good question, Amanda. A better one might be why was a random woman at the train station trying to guess your age?

2. “Imagine if all unhealthy food was healthy and vice versa. So eating right would be pizza, gummies, ice cream and fries. And a cheat meal would be...kale lol #ifonly #maybeinheaven #rehabthoughts” - Jeremy Lin, Men’s Basketball Alum (@JLin7)

A true jack of all trades. He doesn’t just hoop, he obviously still thinks deeply about the big issues in his free time. Thanks for this Jeremy, it really got the cranium cranking.

1. “I want stroke me as my walkup song but I don't think that will go over well” - Elizabeth Shively, Softball (@LizAShively)

Why would that not go over well, Elizabeth? I can’t see anything wrong with that plan whatsoever.