Moore Than Meets the Eye

Senior Tim Moore keeps busy with volunteer work, step dancing, modeling, and rowing

Apart from his rowing team and BMF team, Moore also models in Eleganza.

“Eleganza is a fun, fairly social thing,” Moore explained. “It’s another way to meet people outside of crew, which is really nice.”

Besides modeling, stepping, working, tutoring, and rowing, Moore is planning ahead to get a considerable portion of his thesis done before the spring practices and races start up.

Moore’s roommate Bob Santamaria, a fellow Social Studies concentrator, admires Moore’s work ethic.

“Not that many people can be Social Studies concentrators and athletes,” Santamaria commented. “Being able to handle that workload is amazing.”


Even though spring is much more hectic, Moore thrives on the busy schedule.

“The increased structure makes me work faster,” he said. “I wouldn’t do all these things unless I really enjoyed them. There’s so much offered here and I always want to try to take advantage of it all.”

Santamaria says that besides playing intramural sports, Moore is scarcely seen around Dunster because he’s so busy.

“He always swings through the common room, though,” Santamaria noted. “When he’s here, he’s a fixture with his headphones at his desk, working after dinner until he goes to sleep.”

Moore has always had an interest in travel and other cultures. His thesis is on Afro-Colombian identity, and he hopes to go abroad after graduation after living in New England his whole life up to this point.

But while international experiences may lie head, Moore is currently focused on a challenge much closer to home: the Head of the Charles.

The Harvard lightweights haven’t won the event in the three years that he has rowed, but Moore hopes to change that this year.

“It would be awesome to win.”

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