Slushies! Everywhere! (spoilers ahead).

This week, Will tries to write a mash-up for Emma and Ken’s wedding while struggling with his desire to steal her away. The popular crossover members of glee suffer in McKinley High’s social hierarchy, and the football boys question their commitment to New Directions. Puck and Rachel make out, Sue Sylvester falls in love (!?), and Ken almost kills glee.

Musical Numbers

“Bust a Move” by Young MC

This number is completely unjustified plot wise, but it’s fun overall. We think it’s kinda inapprops for Mr. S. to sing “a chick walks by you wish you could sex her” to Quinn, and we’re not sure what’s eating Kurt, but Will’s breakdancing is delightfully retro. The kids are fun singing backup, and we like that Matt and Mike are getting to dance plenty lately. FlyBy’s issue with the number is that it’s very… Acafellas-y. And we were not a fan of that side project. The show became all about Will instead of the kids, who are more entertaining, and they kept having Broadway star Matthew Morrison sing in entirely the wrong genre. We’ll let it slide; maybe it’s a one-time thing.


“Thong Song” by Sisqó featuring Foxy Brown

Nope. It’s literally like two minutes later and he’s at it again, mugging all over the classroom and not even letting Emma dance, which is supposedly the point of the scene. Instead it’s all about him – and Ken’s right, Will’s messing with Emma just because he’s “getting high off of her fawning over” him. “It’s the darn Thong Song!” says Emma, when the number ends poorly. “I don’t think it’s the song,” chuckles Will. Yeah, we don’t either. We’ve changed our minds, Emma. Plz marry Ken ASAP.


“What a Girl Wants” by Xtina

Lovely. This acoustic little scene is completely believable. It’s solid and surprisingly uncomplicated, although we loved the irony of Rachel singing this to Puck, who most definitely does not, in fact, “know exactly / What a girl wants / What a girl needs.”


“Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

So we admit the first time we watched this we thought it was sluggish, sparse, and dead. Turns out the original is, too; FlyBy’s just used to hearing it filled out with the energetic chorus of a thousand drunken fans. We think the song could have been used better in a rowdy, celebratory scene (post-sectionals?), but this is a worthy acoustic cover. Puck completely disregards Will's mash-up assignment, but if it helps a further another love rectangle, then sure, why not. Also, Santana’s look of disgust is pure gold. Quinn’s shell-shock, not so much.