H-Bomb Wants You (Clothed, This Time)


Heads up, aspiring t-shirt designers—if you've ever thought the official Harvard/Yale shirts have trended a little stale or more than a little staid, here's a chance to spice things up. Harvard sex magazine HBOMB will hold its first official Harvard/Yale t-shirt contest this year, calling for "sexy, classy, smutty and—most of all—witty t-shirt designs" that "reflect HBOMB's vision."

As an addendum, the graphic should, in fact, also reference Harvard and/or Yale, the instructions note.

Not much word on the contest's criteria, but if the honor of having your design emblazoned on shirts that some students will cherish for years isn't enough, the other incentives should make it worth your while. The creator of the best design will receive not only a free t-shirt, but also a "patented" gift basket "guaranteed to numb your body with pleasure, or at least have some cool goodies in it." Flyby isn't sure what these super extra awesome awards might be (besides that it probably won't be a basket of fruit and cheese), but we hear that mystery just ups the thrill factor.

Entries should be sent to Eva Gillis-Buck (ebuck@fas.harvard.edu) by 3pm on Nov. 1. When the hundred variations of Harvard/Yale shirts start popping up all over campus, Flyby will be keeping an eye out for "the sexy ones."


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