The VOID is that empty time between 5am and 8am every night where there’s no one on gchat, no sound but your roommate’s blissful snoring, and nothing to think about besides the work you’re not getting done. But you’re not alone, FlyBy is here to guide you through.

Been posted in the library for a good 15 hours at this point?  Ever since you attempted to ease that hangover with eggs way back during brunch?  Sunday VOIDs can be the ultimate test of one's mettle.   Your efforts will not be in vain, though.  As Nike tells us just in time for the tourney: there are no Cinderellas.

...Except for that really smart kid you know who studied for about three hours and will do better than you.  In a cynical mood, eh?  You might enjoy re-watching the hanging, drawing, and quartering of former Crimson President Jim Cramer '77 by John Stewart.  While we're pleased Stewart has found a new target after his best buddy rode off into the sunset, FlyBy still holds a soft spot for Cramer from its days watching Mad Money as a budding i-banker (pre-crisis, of course) and this infamous clip.  Yes, we still hate Bill Poole to this day.

If all this real world nonsense is just too much for your VOID state of mind, we'll draw it back for you.  Bad paintings of Barack? Still too much?  First of all, you probably shouldn't be reading this.  Second of all, we've still got the potion.