A Rant on Rants


Someone explain rantblogger.com to me! Because as far as I can tell, it makes absolutely no sense.

So it’s a website started by a Harvard student. It’s a blog. It’s about complaining about stuff. So far so good. But he pays people to write this stuff? For a website that was designed with Windows 95 and has no advertising to be paying as much as $10 per post to random people is unbelievable. Where does he get this money? And the posts are barely worth the energy your computer uses up while you read them.

Duh! Poor people totally caused the mortgage crisis!

Wait, actually Nutella caused the mortgage crisis! More ranting after the jump!

The fact the guy who runs Rant Blogger pays for all of this out of his own pocket is ridiculous in this economy. While other newspapers, magazines, and blogs are scrambling for money to stay in business, he just gives it away to anyone with a PayPal account. Normally we can’t get mad at people for getting money, but can this even actually be called a business model? Even Facebook, the grandaddy of all Web 2.0 start-ups that ignored monetization at first, is now having some money problems.

Why don’t we give up this whole blogging thing and just start a website cataloguing the crackpot websites started by Harvard students. (Remember Gossip Geek? Or Yard Report? We don't either.) Apparently there’s money in anything you can buy a domain name for.

By the way, how much do I get paid for this?


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