The Harvard Polo Club--a group of rich kids who like to play with horses and wear tight, white jeans for fun? Not really.

If you hearken back to last year's Undergraduate Council election season, you'll remember that there was one particular duo running for the presidency and vice presidency: Roy T. Willey '09 and Nicholas B. Snow '09. During the campaign, a  little fact emerged about Willey and Snow: their involvement in the Harvard Polo Club. And it confused a lot of people who had never heard about it, like Derek M. Flanzraich '10.

After about a century of program failures and rebirths, the Harvard Polo Club regrouped in 2007 and just capped off its most groundbreaking season yet. Watch the video after the jump to see whether all those stereotypes are true, and if you're into what you see...maybe you can be the next Nick Snow?