Finally, some nice weather. Out come the dresses, out comes the fun...out come the balls. It's time for us Harvard kids to get down as only the most prestigious can: house formals. FlyBy has your guide to the balls.

We start with a handful of nice balls. Nothing spectacular, but these balls are certainly worth fooling around with if you get the chance. With this many balls, no one's going to get the shaft.

Monday, May 4th

The grouping of balls on Monday form a nice three-piece set—they're going to be tough to juggle.

Winthrop hosts their annual Arbella Ball in Gore Courtyard, which should be nice, especially if the weather is warm. Sometimes it's the hot and sweaty balls that are the most fun. Ladies, we all know things can get a little hairy if you date sweats through his tuxedo, but if you just let it all hang out, there'll be nothing to worry about.

Cabot and Pfoho host a joint formal in Moors Terrace (FlyBy hasn’t been to the Quad since freshman year, but we assume that’s in the Quad, too). We support a good ball pairing.

Currier shows them all up, though: THEY'RE ON A BOAT! The mermaid would definitely like to get on this ball.

More balls of all shapes and sizes after the jump.

Tuesday, May 5th

The HoCo chairs keep a fairly tight grip on these balls—it's tough to get in, especially if it's your first time.

Kirkland hosts their standard incestuous spring bash in the House courtyard. We hear they only like to have a ball with each other.

Adams hosts in the only place they would ever want to—Adams. There will be some outdoor space allowing this ball to get a little ventilation.

Now we're approaching the finest set of balls. These two balls are so revered that other houses risk eternal shame if they dare show their stuff on the same night as these awe-inspiring behemoths. FlyBy's mouth waters just thinking about them.

Wednesday, May 6th