Quadlings have faced a lot of hard times recently, losing their library, café and potentially some of their shuttle service.  However quadlings can now drown their woes with delicious fro-yo.  Berryline—a beloved staple in the diets of River dwellers—has come to the quad!  Berryline’s new location is on Mass Ave going towards Porter Square, right next to a Starbucks.

FlyBy wandered over to the new location that opened a couple of weeks ago today…hear about our findings after the jump.

The new location is still slightly unfinished.  There is no real sign outside yet—only a whiteboard and a poster, so it is easy to miss.  The inside is decorated with familiar paintings of bug-eyed yogurt creatures and is a lot more bright and spacious than the arrow street location.  The walls are lined with bamboo, there are skylights, large windows and 3 tables for patrons to sit at while they devour  their froyo.   And of course there’s free Wifi, which FlyBy loves.

Owner Matthew Wallace said that the new location’s purpose was to expand (of course), as well as draw some of the crowd away from the other location.  “This new location’s aim is to be more family oriented, as well as stroller and handicap friendly.  Our old location was mostly frequented by Harvard students, and more convenient for Harvard students.  A lot of families that lived near by had to come pretty far.”

Right now the menu is pretty in-line with the Arrow Street location, except with different flavors (Blueberry and Peanut Butter, currently) and a cool mango smoothie.   Eventually, however, Matt says they will incorporate an entire new smoothie menu.   The new location, when finished, will have window seats at a bar, and much more seating in the form of benches around the walls.  The owner joked about how people sitting along the street at the Arrow street location was actually a fire hazard:  “We want this to be a more of a sit down place, while the Arrow Street one is more of a to-go place,” Matt said.

A consolation prize, Quadlings? You have to take what get, right?